the history of Pilguse Manor began when bishop Münchausen gave a fief to ruler of Kihelkonna parish bishop - Hinrich Billinghusen.


famous seafarer and Admiral of Russian Czar Navy, named Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen, was born, who later discovered the mainland of Antarctica. 


the manor was acquired by Berend Woldemar von Aderkas and during his possession the present mansion of Pilguse manor was built.


another famous seafarer Karl Pontus von Nolken, who has sailed around the worl twice, acquired the manor.


Russian Agrarian bank bought the mansion of Pilguse at a public quotation.


Saaremaa’s mental hospital was founded in Pilguse.


Pilguse Manor was taken under the states protection due to its buildings and unique system of limestone fences.


The building of Pilguses Conference & Wellness Resort began.

Pilguse manor

Pilguse’s old-established manor complex is located in West-coast of Saaremaa, on the bank of Nigu bay. History of the manor started in 1558, when land was given to Hinrich Billinghusen. The roots of their family date back to 1501 in Lybeck where H. Billingshusen has been mentioned amongst local patricians.

Pilguse manor is the childhood home of the notorious seafarer, around the world sailor and the discoverer of the Antarctic mainland – Fabian Gottlieb Benjamin von Bellingshausen, who was an admiral in Russian Czar Navy.

Nowadays there are extant building structures from the 19th century accompanied by unique systems of limestone walls on the premises. Since during the last decade the manor buildings have stayed empty they are unustable without a thorough renovation. 

New life started in Pilguse in July 2000, when renovation started. in the north wing of the building. There is a banquet hall with a stage that is suitable for events and conferences. In the south wing of the building is a guesthouse with 13 rooms for 56 guests. Pilguse guesthouse has cozy rooms for two and also spacious studio rooms for up to 5 guests, suitable for families and companies.